Mexico travel guide

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Mexico is located in North America. It is a federal republic that has borders with the United States and Guatemala. To its west is the Pacific Ocean and to its east is the Gulf of Mexico. The population of Mexico is about 120 million. The Mexican Federation is composed of thirty-one states and its capital Mexico as the federal district.Mexico is the largest Spanish-speaking population in the world.


Explore some Things to do in Cozumel. The large cities of Mexico are located above 2,000 m and they enjoy yearly average temperatures of 16-18C and cool nighttime all year round. The northern territories have dry weather with casual rainfalls while those in the lowlands experiences moderate to high degree of annual precipitation.

Mexico accounts for the worlds 10-12% of biodiversity but has been under threat from deforestation.


One of the biggest problem the government of Mexico faces is the drug cartels. A crackdown was initiated by the government that left more than 28,000 alleged criminals killed.


Mexico is a land full of archaeological treasures, vibrant culture, cities and heartwarming locals. There are lot of exploration in caves, jungles, mountains, beaches and reef. Visits to markets, cafe's and museum are time well spent in Mexico. To learn more about travel and tours, visit


There are numerous sites to visit in Mexico starting with Palenque, Mexico city cultural capital, copper canyon, pyramids of Teotihuacan, canals and gardens of Xochimilco, witness the high flying practitioners of "Luchalibre", explore Puebla, the pyramids of Cholula, Zapotec ruins of Monte Alban, cross the states to the Yucatan and its capital Merida and enjoy the Mayan ruins.


Exploring Mexico will get you to meet different guides or leaders that will take you on a tour. The fees are reasonable and the modes of transportation depend on your budget. Mostly there are buses for those on a tight budget.


Dengue fever is widespread in Mexico and occurs throughout the year. There is no treatment for dengue because it is a mosquito borne viral disease but appropriate care and control of symptoms are enough to save lives. There has been a vaccine for dengue and it is suggested you receive them before traveling. It is recommended to go to private hospitals and medical care clinics when you suspect something is wrong with you because public hospitals are almost always full.

Sunscreen maybe your best friend when traveling in Mexico because temperatures may be searing that it causes sun burn when exposed for a longer period.


You can get to Mexico by plane if you are from another part of the world, train, bus or car.


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